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How many Grand Slams do you have?2023-01-10T14:40:01-05:00

As of 2022, Jeff Budz has 110 Grand Slams registered with the NWTF and over 500 total birds to date.

(Source: NWTF.org Grand Slam records)

What is a Grand Slam?2022-12-26T18:14:52-05:00

According to the NWTF website:

The Grand Slam is the most popular of the NWTF’s recognized wild turkey slams.

To achieve a Grand Slam, a hunter must harvest and register the four most common subspecies of wild turkey, the Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam’s and Osceola (Florida) turkeys.

What is the US Super Slam?2022-12-26T18:14:15-05:00

According to the NWTF website:

The US Super Slam is considered the most difficult of the slams. A hunter must harvest and register a turkey from all 49 states with established turkey hunting seasons. This includes all the states within the Lower 48 as well as Hawaii. Alaska does not have a legal hunting season for turkeys.

When did you complete the US Super Slam?2022-12-26T18:07:59-05:00

After harvesting a tremendous Merriam’s from Arizona in 2015, Jeff Budz became only the 4th person in documented history to complete the US Super Slam.

Final tom for Jeff’s US Super Slam, taken in Arizona.

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