George & Beth Thornton

CEO of the NWTF

“This was Beth’s first Osceola and we will never forget our hunt with Jeff. He is not only a great guy, but a great hunter and we look forward to our next trip with him in the woods.”

Matt Lindler

Editor at Turkey Country Magazine

“Jeff is a great friend and a die-hard turkey hunter. As the undisputed King of Slams, he’s like the Lance Armstrong of the turkey woods (without the steroids, of course). If you like to give ‘em all you’ve got, Jeff is the guide for you.”

Michael Waddell

Bone Collector

“Jeff is as hardcore as they come.”

Babe Winkelman

“I’ve successfully hunted with Jeff for 15 years for WhiteTail, Mule Deer, Elk and of course a Grand Slam. He never ceases to amaze me with his energy and professionalism! He is not just a guide, but has become a good friend as well.”

Rodney Barreto

Chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

“I’ve known Jeff for the last 6 years and he never ceases to amaze me. I traveled with him to harvest my first Single Season Grand Slam and it’s an experience of a lifetime.”

Tucker Frederickson

College Football Hall of Fame, 1965 #1 Draft pick by the New York Giants

“I’ve know Jeff for 15 years, gone on countless hunts and trips with Jeff and he has never let me down. He is definitely, ONE of a kind!……..”

Bill Heavey

Outdoor Writer, Field & Stream

“I hunted 3 states in 5 days with Jeff, killed 5 turkeys, and blew at least 3 times that number of shots on birds at 20 yards or less. (I’d lie about this except that there were witnesses.) ‘Obsessed’ doesn’t really do justice to Jeff’s desire and ability to put a client on turkeys. He’s one of those guys tuned into a turkey frequency unavailable to the rest of us. If he hears a gobble, finds a track, or sees a feather, he will put you on that bird. I almost came to feel sorry for the turkeys we encountered. They weren’t getting past Jeff. Their only hope was to have me behind the trigger.”

Tim Herald

“I’ve guided and booked countless hunts, so I know what it takes to get the job done. I hunted Osceolas with Jeff for several years and he always hit it out of the park!”